Hula Classes

My goal in teaching hula is to give others the opportunity to learn fun and beautiful dances while strengthening their bodies and minds. I strive to teach respect of the Hawaiian culture to those I teach, and help them understand why hula is so special. I have been taking a break with teaching while adjusting to life with baby twins, but I have a few hula dance video tutorials available for purchase. Just message me at for more info! 

I started hula dancing in 2002, and have since danced in multiple state fairs, weddings, and luaus. I have taught multiple hula classes and workshops in various locations including: Utah, Hawaii, Texas, Illinois, and California. While living in Hawaii years ago I attended Brigham Young University and majored in Hawaiian Studies. I also worked at Waikiki Shopping Plaza teaching hula to tourists that visited the island from all over the world. I am not Hawaiian, but I have a deep love for the Hawaiian culture, especially hula. Hula is beautiful and has brought much joy and healing to my life.