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Solomon                    Amanda

I work full time as a dentist in the United States Navy. I love that I can help people smile by fixing their teeth or reducing their pain. I joined the Army in 2008 and worked as a lab tech. While in the Army I did college courses online and earned both my Associate and Bachelor degrees. I was accepted into dental school and the Navy had a program that would allow me to attend, so I transferred over from the Army to the Navy in 2013. I stayed on active duty and went to dental school at Southern Illinois University. I graduated in 2017, did a residency at Camp Pendleton, and now work at Great Lakes.

As much as I enjoy being a dentist, my passion is music. I have been playing the guitar, bass, and drums for years and enjoy recording my own music as well as music for others. I absolutely love being a DJ because I get to meet a lot of neat people and help transform events into something memorable with good music and lighting. I have experience in being a DJ for weddings, church dances, graduation parties, birthday parties, family reunions, neighborhood parties, bar mitzvahs, and military dances/banquets. On a monthly basis I used to get to DJ at at a golf course in Oceanside, CA and enjoyed getting to know many people there. My wife helps me at weddings and it has been very fun for us to work together. She is great at helping everything come together perfectly for the new couple.

Recently I have become passionate about learning about abundance and philosophy. After many requests I started writing a few books about things I have been learning. I'm excited to have Volume 1 available for purchase on Amazon!

I always do my best to make time for my boys. They are each unique and hilarious. I enjoy video games, weight lifting, going to the beach, and watching movies with my family.


I am a stay at home mom and homeschool teacher. We now have 7 children after welcoming our twins 8 weeks early in November 2021. They are both healthy and doing well! My journey to become a mom started off on a unique path. After many miscarriages my husband and I decided to pursue adoption. I had many dreams that led us to our boy and after a long adoption process we were able to officially call him ours. About a year after he was placed in our home I gave birth to another boy and we were just so happy to be blessed with two boys after so much heartache. Life just kept getting better though because 14 months later I gave birth to another boy, and then 14 months after that I gave birth to another boy! FOUR BOYS in FOUR YEARS! It was crazy and amazing. We love our family and all the chaos! Our oldest son has been diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, Reactive Attachment Disorder, and Oppositional Defiance Disorder. Another son has autism, and another son has ADHD and a tic disorder. I wanted to share this information about our sons because I have specialized empathy for others who have children with special or unique needs as a part of their family. I get it, and I hope through sharing my experiences and resources I can help you somehow! I may seem like I have it all together, but I'm just a regular person doing my best and working through the struggles that life brings. I am blessed with a wonderful husband and wouldn't be able to function without him!

Check out my hula and homeschool pages for more information and please reach out if you have any questions!    


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